What tunes do they play?

The Clash, The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones

The Jam, The Buzzcocks, Scoutin for girls, The Kinks, Martha and the Muffins,The Monkees..............simply too many to mention!

“we couldn't have made a better choice!"

- Rebecca, Norwich

Harold Wilson - “Why don’t bands play with attitude anymore..?” - The Fuzz do!!

The Beatles, The Kinks, The Jam, The Who... So many classic tracks were once the sound of a generation... Whatever happened to these great songs for them to lose that edge?... Did bands forget to play them with attitude?...

The Fuzz are a Norwich band committed to playing classic material from respected bands and artists, without the same old standards, and with the attitude and edge of the originals. We've carefully selected some great songs from the 60s to the 21st Century that will guarantee to get your corporate party, birthday bash, wedding, engagement or other event happening. We cover an area across the East of England from Lowestoft to Lincoln, Norwich to Northampton, Colchester to Cambridge, Great Yarmouth to Grantham, Ipswich to... You name it!

The Fuzz are now booking gigs in the East of England, so have a browse through the site and be sure to listen to our audio clips!

The Fuzz, escorting you from the Sixties to the Noughties for a great night to remember!

Band Found On Moon!!

Patricks More claims to have seen The Fuzz - can it be true?!

By A.Nonymous

Amazing reports have recently been received of a top local wedding and event band appearing in Eastern England, and beyond - The Fuzz. A spokesperson for the band said - “our aim is to provide a fun, energetic night of top entertainment, all for a reasonable price - is that too much too ask?!” Not in our opinion boys, that’s out of this world we say!

“Driving the girls wild!” - The Fuzz circa 1960